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The second book is even better than the first.  You go girl!

-- Mary Jane Armstrong

  Bless you, Sister!  I just love your use of first person perspective--female, male, young, old, gay, straight, experienced, novice--to help us see much more of the breadth of sex and human sexuality.  Your fearless approach to debunking the death grip Victorian morality has on Puritanical America is truly refreshing.  Perhaps your writing is the beginning of a new crusade to unshackle Americans and allow each of us to enjoy the pleasures of sex as our biology intended.  Sex is not and should not be restricted to just procreation.  Sex is so much more!  Keep doing what you are doing, and I truly and genuinely hope your continuing studies will enable you to blossom more as the beautiful flower you are.  At 70 years of age, I only have a few years left to enjoy what I should have been enjoying for all my years.  Thank you oh so very much, my dear.

-- Edith Marie Brickman Daggerty (and I proudly sign my full name)


A vital, essential, and yet dangerous topic for our collective discussion, debate and curiosity is how we teach our children.  Do they learn on their own by happenstance, or do we teach them like we teach them to eat properly, to clean themselves and care for their bodies, to interact positively and safely with other human beings, and perhaps more importantly to embrace their sexuality however it may manifest itself?  We have so much to learn.  I eagerly await more insight and suggestions from J. Laux Perren, as the furthers her studies and her writing.  I've read both volumes and can only hope she delivers many more.

-- Bev Johnson (I sign with some trepidation.)

Ain't sex grand.  Ya just gotta love it.  Thank you, Jay

-- Tray Henry

Freedom is a precious state.  Pleasure is a cherished benefit to our humanity.  We must not be ashamed of our bodies and our sexuality--the big, beautiful spectrum of human sexuality is.  J. Laux Perren's books are doing their part to help us all appreciate the breadth of human sexuality.  I strongly recommend Perren's books.  They should be required reading for all human beings.

-- Geri Tribadoux.

Jay Perren has generously given us new glimpses into human sexuality.  I will freely admit that some of stories made me uncomfortable, and most were quite arousing and inspirational.  To my surprise, my sister and a few of our friends joined in a discussion about the basis of our beliefs, views and opinions about sex in our lives.  Society has tried to keep us in chains.  Jay has unlocked our restraints.  Thank you so much, Jay.  Please keep writing.

-- Linda Jacoby

I have known 'Jay' since we attended elementary school together through middle school and high school grades as well.  She attended Columbia after high school, while I attended Fordam.  I think she would agree that we are friends and will be friends for life.  She has always been friendly, gregarious and compassionate -- the epitome of what a friend should be.  She understands people.  I read her first book and enthusiastically recommend it to everyone, even those who are socially conservative.  'Jay' is an exceptional story teller.  I truly and eagerly look forward to reading more books from her.  Well done, 'Jay.'  Good luck and keep those stories coming.

-- Bob Willis



I read J. Laux Perren's first book, "Libidinous Variations" with surprising anticipation.  I am usually not into romance and especially not erotic literature, but her writing is the exception, I must say.  The book is aptly titled and offers vignettes of male and female sexuality that are intriguing and interesting enough to thought provoking.  I do not know Ms. Perren, but I would certain like to know her.

-- Jennifer Courtney

What a writer, but hey, that's just me.

-- John Sterling

    I cannot wait to read more erotic stories from this author.  She has definitely peaked my interest in her work.  And, even better, she is from the Motherland.  F√©licitations, Mademoiselle Perren.

-- Jean Jacques Dubois

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